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120T die-cutter machine stamping press for cork sheet

120T die-cutter machine stamping press for cork sheet is the punching equipment build by Gerson which have more than 30 years rich experience in cutting and fully making machinery .

120T die-cutter machine stamping press for cork sheet

Gerson company rotating travel head die stamping equipment is wide range ofly used for continuous punching of various soft and semi-rigid material, including the PVC film, artificial leather, ball panels, shoes raw materials and so on.

Auto-feeding material auto-balance cnc steel projecte die knife mold diecut machine

The operationis labor-saving and simple, with low malfunction, strong cutting pressure and good diecut speed.

When cutting a steel, the four-column die-cutting machinery cuts the chips on the one operators hand and the tool itself on the other. The forms of tool damage are mainly wear and tear. The former is continuous progressive wear; the latter includes brittle fractures (for example chipping, chipping, spalling, crack damage, etc.) and plastic damage. After the tool wears, the machining accuracy of the workpiece is reduced, the surface roughness is increased, and the cutting power is increased, the diecut temperature is increased, and even vibration is generated, and normal cutting cannot be continued. Therefore, tool wear directly affects machining efficiency, standing and cost. There are several forms of tool wear:

Servo motor is adopted for the rotating travel head so that its movement distance is precisely the same as what is preset. The travel head rotates to make the most of the semi-finished materials.

Automatic heat press production line could cut, punch and thermoform semi and full autoamtically and continuously on the non-steellic……

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