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35T hydraulic press for Carpet flooring

35T hydraulic press for Carpet flooring is the special making machinery design and manufactured by Gerson which have many years experience in this field.

35T hydraulic press for Carpet flooring

It is applicable to continuous and large-batch punching of soft and semi-rigid materil including the fabric leather, carpet, rubber, film, foam and cloth etc. in large-scale factories by die mold cutter.

CE Automatic feeding device steel jobe die tool knife clicker

The mechanism of twin oil cylinder, precise four-column guiding and automatic balancing two connection rod could adapt it reach the top-duty diecut pressure and make sure the same diecut depth of each position.

Reasons For Safety Problems Of Cutting Machine

Designed in high-precision construction, this machine could be applicable for perform full-cut and half-cut fabrication tasks.

Please contact us at any time if you are interested in our products.we wil send more information and we could build the custom machinery to meet your requirement.

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