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40T Punching press equipment for shoulder pads

40T Punching press equipment for shoulder pads is the special making machinery design and manufactured by Gerson which have many years experience in this field.

40T Punching press equipment for shoulder pads

This machine produce reasonable design structure and builds extremely low oil temperature. Its oil seal produce extremely long time servicelife, so pressure oil offer small chance of deterioration.

500��500mm(diecut head) 1600��500mm(under the table)

The upper beam can swing freely flexible, ideal to manipulateline of sight, especially suitable for laying-off and cutting-out of true skin.

When die-cutting the knife press knife, it will semi and full autoamtically slow-cut, there is no dimension error between the uppermost and the lowermost many layers of the cutting-out equipment.

CE Automatic feeding mechanism hydraulic plane die mould knife clicker

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