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blister pack die mould press machine in Venezuela

blister pack die mould press machine in Venezuela is one of cutting equipment designed by Gerson and popular used in many industry and for cutting out many material.

blister pack die mould press machine in Venezuela

Well-designed and stabilized Bottom Dead-Point Accuracy�� Uses the patented Bottom Dead-Point Mechanism exclusively developed by Gerson machinery to achieve +/-0.005mm of repeated positioning accuracy.

The machine is driven by a servo motor to ensure accurate feeding device.The use of servo motor and ball screw as drive system enables the punch to achieve precise positioning.The servo motor driven rotary punch should be sures accurate die tool knife stamping position.The servo motor is also applicable for control the position of cutting-out knife molds in storage to make sure high operationefficiency and precision positioning.

The machine is mainly suitable for die-cutting materials like leather, plastic, cloth, leather bags, toys, hats, spongy floss pieces, floor raw materials, soft wood pieces and semi-finished materials needed punching out.

Cutting power is lasting pressure, which is suitable for formrubber trade specially.

High Quality,leather diecut machinery,paper die-cutting equipment,CE Certificate Cutting various nonmetal sheet or roll material

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