Die-cutting machine,hydraulic press machine factory sale

cell phone screen wiper 30T cutting machine equiment

cell phone screen wiper 30T cutting machine equiment is the most welcomed robust machine which have used in many industry and material and we believe that it is good machinery for your production choice.

cell phone screen wiper 30T cutting machine equiment

Powered by metal system, slow down when the stamping die knife mold touches the material, to confirm the precision between upper and bottom for thick raw materials.

With human-comrepositioner control systerm, it is highly semi-auto and fully auto and easy to manipulate.

It is the ideal die-cutting machine for such industries as shoemaking, luggage, garment, automobile, art ware, packaging and electronic most industry etc.

Automactic feeding PLC control hydraulic press machine

Adopt two oil cylinder, four-column, precise two-crank connecting rod mechanism which can ensure that the diecut depth at every punching position is same.

The machine has the function of remembesquare the die knife mold, and the die knife can be stored on the machine according to the number for later recall;

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