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china die cutting machine for Aluminum Foil

china die cutting machine for Aluminum Foil is the die cutting equipment made by Gerson and used in most material :leather,fabric,rubber,cork,EPE,EVA,PS,plastic,foam,wood ,alu film,composite etc.

china die cutting machine for Aluminum Foil

3Double oil cylinder precise four-column automatic balance connecting rod structure, make sure the punching area punching even

To ensure safety, the machinery is equipped with a protection light curtain and a protective net;

Computer cad drawing, direct turn a NC program, and can be unlimited backup program, convenient and subsequent processing

360��500mm(swing beam) 1000��500mm(under the table)

When pressing the cutting board and touching the cutter, it can cut semi-automatic and fully automatically slowly to apply that no size error between the single or multiple layers and lowermost single layer and multilayers of the cutting material.

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