Die-cutting machine,hydraulic press machine factory sale

clamshell plastic sheet large force die cutting machine

clamshell plastic sheet large force die cutting machine is the great useful die cutter for stamping the mateial to form or cut out shapes up on request.

clamshell plastic sheet large force die cutting machine

Center semi-auto and fully auto lubrication system can quarantee the precision and can raise abrasive resisitance.

Automatic heat press production line , Automatic heat press cutting material line is suitable for semi-auto and fully auto punching, diecut and thermoforming of jumbomaterials.

Turn on the pressure switch, press the oil pump start button, run for two minutes at no load, and observe whether the system is normal.

With touching screen, to set and micro-adjust working power,contjumboed by PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) stamping depth, feeding speed easier, faster and more precise.

Lubricator: Choose a manipulator or maintenance operator who could lubricate the work, and be responsible for the whole job.

Please contact us at any time if you are interested in our products.we wil send more information and we could build the custom machinery to meet your requirement.

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