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closed cell foam 50T cutting press machine

closed cell foam 50T cutting press machine is the punching equipment build by Gerson which have more than 30 years rich experience in cutting and fully making machinery .

closed cell foam 50T cutting press machine

Cutting area: it depends on the material size.

An semi-auto and fully auto feeding mechanism machinery can be added optionally to improve work efficiency.

I. According to their transmission mode, structure and adapt are classified as follows:

This machine is suitable for, plastic floor, down to cushion the attachment, and fully automatic cutting-out, the tool use knife or projectks knife, punching in the conveyor belt on best, and then reposition the die-cutting conveying products out with

3) Be cut material feeding and discharging all in a conveyor belt, and realize a conveyor belt in directly semi-finished material die-cutting action.

Currently, in the production line of PE foam producers in the society, there are basically all cutting machinerys.

Please contact us immediately once you need the production information or requirement or need the price.

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