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cloth inserted rubber 80T die cutting machine punching equipment

cloth inserted rubber 80T die cutting machine punching equipment is the most welcomed robust machine which have used in many industry and material and we believe that it is good machinery for your production choice.

cloth inserted rubber 80T die cutting machine punching equipment

 High-speed die-cutting power head down to Rule Die automatically slow pressure, multi-product, when in the cutting-out, for the purpose that no size of the workpiece between the upper and lower error.

It is using cut one single layer or many layers or multi-one layer or several layers of leather, rubber, plastic, hard papers, fiber, and chemical fiber

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When cutting, after feeding material and arranging die mould knife cutter, the upper pressing board will move forward, descend, punch, ascend and semi and full autoamtically move backward.

Anyway, what Gerson does is to meet the cutting demands and help to improve the diecut cutting production like leather goods cutting-out, car interior diecut, blister cutting, foam cutting, soft toys manufacturing industry, buffing production plants and so on.

The diecut depth is equipped with a protective device to guarantee that the conveyor belt will not be cut or cut durectangle cutting-out, and the service life of the conveyor belt is prolonged.

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