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Egg box die cutting machine press Peru

Egg box die cutting machine press Peru is Gerson die cutting equipment made and designed by our rich experience team .We could custom built any cutting machine or other fully making machinery for your production.

Egg box die cutting machine press Peru

Machines of special specifications could be available on request

Vertical type tension with digital control agencies wheel

Double-Axle Synchronous Feed Mechanism�� Enhances the building products speed and Yield Rate through twin-axle synchronous feeding mechanism.

Feeding and layesemicircle length of multisingle or multiple layers materials: The equipment can automatically complete the cutting of materials and the displacement distance of cutting head and feeding mechanism length could be accurately set, which build solved the problem of inaccurate feeding material and layesemicircle length of multisingle layer and multilayers raw materials.

1 optional servo feeding, quite simple to utilize the upper and lower mold.

Servo motor makes accurate feeding mechanism possible and controls horizontal movement and rotation of the cutting-out head. Multimany layerss of sheets can be cut by Sliding table feeding. Other feeding mechanism methods are also available on request.

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