Die-cutting machine,hydraulic press machine factory sale

Gap fillers hydraulic punching press in Guatemala

Gap fillers hydraulic punching press in Guatemala is Gerson die cutting equipment made and designed by our rich experience team .We could custom built any cutting machine or other fully making machinery for your production.

Gap fillers hydraulic punching press in Guatemala

Die cutter pneumatic clamp device can be installed to make the replacement of die mold cutter convenient and prompt.

Furnished with semi and full autoamtic-feeder machine, which have improved the service efficiency and safeguard of the machinery.

The main machine adopts two oil cylinder, two-crank connecting rod balance, four-columns, which can make sure the diecut depth at every stamping position is the same.

Water Ink Printer slotter and die knife mold-cutter For Corrugated Carton

The hydraulic transmission stamping machine: The main basis for judging the function of the steel die-cutting machine is: the punching pressure and the cutting speed.

The cutting pressure is very huge, but the diecut speed is very low, or the stamping speed is very ideal, but the machine with small stamping pressure cannot successfully complete the cutting-out task.

For mechanically driven die-cutting machines, the diecut speed is generally top, about 250 times/min; the stamping speed is variable, and the average die-cutting speed is: 200 mm/sec.

We have many machinery for your choice if you do not know which machinery is good for you.Contact us immediately.we will recommend the right model to you.

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