Die-cutting machine,hydraulic press machine factory sale

grinding polishing sand paper punch press machine for sale

grinding polishing sand paper punch press machine for sale is good equipment for most cutting out the material for making products as reequred.

card sale punch press machine

Durectangle the cutting to operate, the optical grating protective device is adopted to make sure the to handleassurance.

1, according to the transmission form: A, mechanical transmission punching machine: is an older machine.

B. Hydraulic transmission cutting-out machine: It is a modern and common die-cutting machine.

C. Fully automatic roll type cutting machine: processing the whole leather or textile with the sandwich solving.

D. Comrepositioner contjumboed water beam cutting-out machine: It is a modern advanced cutting machinery. It does not need to use the knife mold and cuts according to the inrelocate program. The diecut source is a best pressure water beam generator.

E. Comrepositioner controlled ultrasonic diecut machine: The control mode is similar to that of the water beam cutting-out machinery. The die-cutting source is the ultrasonic generator.

The conveying parts adopts PLC control.The feeding length can be adjusted conveniently through touch screen.

The central oil supply semi-automatic and fully automatic lubricating system prolongs the machine service life and guarantees die-cutting precision.

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