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memory foam dog bed die cutting machine punching equipment

memory foam dog bed die cutting machine punching equipment is the popular die cutting equipments made by Gerosn factory .And can be for cutting out many material and products.

memory foam dog bed die cutting machine punching equipment

The PLC program control center have a memory function for setting the operationcommand. It is not affected after the pressure is cut off after pressure off or after the shift, so it is quite easy operation again.

The conventional stamping machine consists of twelve part: pressure, transmission mechanism, metal system, electrical system, knife mold setting mechanism, feeding mechanism, operatingsystem, lubrication system, protection system, indenter and fuselage. According to different models, there are also unique structures, for example: head moving mechanism, semi and full autoamtic balancing mechanism, swing beam displacement mechanism. Depending on the performance of the usage, other auxiliary devices are sometimes added.

The series products of Gerson company brand has been successively appraised as Creditable Quality Product in Jiangsu Province and Famous Product in China Gerson, and the company has been successively honored such titles as Chairman Unit of the Council of China Light Industry Machinery Association,Member Unit of China Leather Industry Association, Member Unit of Standing Committee of Professional Commission of Leather and Footwear Machinery of China Leather Industry Association,jiangsu Province Private Science and Technology Enterprise, China Gerson High-tech Enterprise, Member Enterprise of China Gerson Chamber of Commerce of Shoe Machinery and Contract Honosquare and Credit Keeping Enterprise etc. In addition, the company have been granted the right of independently managing import and export.

.semi and full autoamtic 4-m metal stamping machine Touch screen PLC controll system Gear mesh high force oil pump

When pressing the die-cutting board and touching the cutter, it can cut semi-automatic and fully automatically slowly to utilize that no size error between the many layers and lowermost many layers of the cutting raw material.

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