Die-cutting machine,hydraulic press machine factory sale

non-woven fabric cutting machine equipment in Kazakstan

non-woven fabric cutting machine equipment in Kazakstan is the best seller machinery that usded in high tech to meet your prodcution requirement.

non-woven fabric cutting machine equipment in Kazakstan

Oil tank metal system, small motor,little oil pump, low oil temperature, electric and oil saving prolongs machine service life.

Automactic feeding mechanism PLC control steel press machine

Use conveying belt as semi-auto and fully auto feeding material method, save operators labor.

The mechanism of four-column guiding, two oil cylinder and mechanical balancing system can ensure the parallelism between the upper and lower worktables.

Intelligent punching machinery for jumboraw material Video Application This intelligent cutting machine is applied to continuously punch all kinds of non-steel rollmaterials.

Remark: We can apply the equipment according to your specifically order, including the color, the motor information, the working table etc.

Do you have any question ,please contact us by email or the inquiry form.we could reply you as soon as possible,normal is very quickly

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