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nonwovens fabric die cutting machine in Belgium

nonwovens fabric die cutting machine in Belgium is one of cutting equipment designed by Gerson and popular used in many industry and for cutting out many material.

nonwovens fabric die cutting machine in Belgium

GRMA rotating travel head die tool knife stamping machine is widely applyd for continuous punching of various not harden metal material, including PVC film, artificial leather, ball panels, shoes materials and so on.

The metal system works in a closed environment and in a normal working environment.

The machine is many modelsly used for diecut various semi-harden and soften parts in such industries as leather, plastic, plastic packing, cloth, foam sheet materials, carpets, floors and etc. by forming cutter.

The mechanism of two oil cylinder, precise four-column guiding and automatic balancing double connection rod can use it reach the top-duty diecut power and should be sure the same stamping depth of each position.

Safe ,two-operators hand trip operation, rocker cutting head rotates freely, the good sight in to operate, convenience in choosing semi-finished materials with good efficiency.

Please contact Gerson at any time ,we will response very quickly.Any question ,welcome to ask us .

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