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Nylon 6/6 sheet die-cutter machine manufacturing sales price

Nylon 6/6 sheet die-cutter machine manufacturing sales price is the custom and standard die cutting mahcine ,it is very strong and enough meet your requirement,please contact us at any time.

Nylon 6/6 sheet die-cutter machine manufacturing sales price

the equipment is wide variety ofly applicable to cut various soft and semi-rigid material by die mold cutter.

The upper beam could sway flexibly with excellent to operatevisual field, so it is especially suitable for cutting genuine leather materials.The switch for to operatewith both operating hands ensures the safety of peoples.

From the perspective of temperature dependence, the main camakes of tool wear are mechanical wear and thermal and chemical wear. The mechanical wear of the four-column diecut is camaked by the scribing capability of the hard spots in the workpiece material. The thermal and chemical wear is caapplyd by the bonding (the bonding phenomenon when the tool and the workpiece material contact the distance between the atoms) and the diffusion (tool and workpiece). The chemical elements of the twin friction surfaces are caused by each other, corrosion, etc.).

According to the manufacturing requirements way in and out of the material can be produced to order

The machine is using die-cutting on one single layer and multilayers or many layerss of leather, plastic, paperboard and fabric etc. with die knife mold cutter.

Auto single side feeding material PLC steel sheahexagon machinery

Please contact Gerson at any time ,we will response very quickly.Any question ,welcome to ask us .

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