Die-cutting machine,hydraulic press machine factory sale

orthopedics shoes die-cutting press machine manufacturing sales price

orthopedics shoes die-cutting press machine manufacturing sales price is the most welcomed robust machine which have used in many industry and material and we believe that it is good machinery for your production choice.

orthopedics shoes die-cutting press machine manufacturing sales price

AUTOMATIC HIGH EFFICENCY HIGH ACCURACY EASY OPERATION AND SAFTY Main function: Receiving arm could be operated in manual or semi-auto and fully auto mode Belt of receiving arm can be independently adjusted tightness. The platform lift is drove by the strong chain with safety devices…

High-Accuracy/High-Depth Adjusting Mechanism�� used good-accuracy mechanism to achieve fine-tune accuracy for up to 0.01mm (0.001mm is for optional).

The to handleis labor-saving and simple, with low malfunction, strong stamping pressure and good cutting speed.

Cutting force is lasting force, which is suitable for forming rubber trade specially.

A. Rocker arm die-cutting equipment: The punching parts is a swinging rocker arm, suitable for cutting-out of non-hydrauliclic materials for example leather, natural materials and artificial leather.

Gerson rotating travel head die tool cutting machine is widely maked for continuous stamping of various soft and semi-hard materil, including PVC film, artificial leather, ball panels, shoes raw materials and so on….

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