Die-cutting machine,hydraulic press machine factory sale

polishing pad 40T hydraulic press

polishing pad 40T hydraulic press is the best seller machinery that usded in high tech to meet your prodcution requirement.

polishing pad 40T hydraulic press

Bilateral independent set transfer feeder, two side can simultaneously die-cutting different height of die cutter and improve work efficiency

Up/down punching travel utilizes four best-rigidity guide poles, with liner rail designed for the feeding device.

According to the make of processing components: A, special cutting-out machine: suitable for blister processing of plastic stamping equipment. B. Horizontal cutting equipment: suitable for processing tire materials.

Abrasive Disc travel head die knife mold Cutting Press Machine Model No.: Gerson machinery3-300,350,400,500 Application: Automatic travel head turning arm cutting machinees (with materail auto-feeding by two clips) is suitable for continuously cutting-out huge batch of regular (or same specification)…

Operation with two manuals adapts best security.

There have many machinery for your requiement,also Gerson can design and manfuactured the custom machinery based on your reques,welcome to contact us at any time.

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