Die-cutting machine,hydraulic press machine factory sale

PTFE shhet traveling head punch press machine

PTFE shhet traveling head punch press machine is cutting equipment for cutting most semi-rigid material and soft material for industry application and other using.

PTFE shhet traveling head punch press machine

This machinery is bestly semi-auto and fully auto, providing ideal productivity.

This Hydraulic beam cutting-out press is mainly suitable for cutting various nonmetal materials, Such as leather, EVA, Foam, Rubber, Pu Clothing Material,Tumbling Pu Clothing Leather and so on.

Hydraulic,manual simple operated,material precision 0.01mm,no burned.

40T High Speed Sandpaper Die Cutting Machine for abrasive disc

High cutting material efficiency, high automation,also can manufacture with operatorr requirements

The to handleis labor-saving and simple, with low malfunction, strong die-cutting pressure and best cutting speed.

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