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Receding beam press with full traveling head

Receding beam press with full traveling head is full beam die cutting press with receding beam or head.This receding beam die cutting machines which is A horizontal moving beam moves forwards and back for each cut.This die cutting press is working very fast .It is a good die cutting machine with a big work surface for cutting. They can be used for small and big material, especially it is good working with big cutting dies or dies with multiple shapes .

Receding beam press with full traveling head
Receding beam press with full traveling head

The upper receding beam is motor driven forwards and backwards to reveal the cutting area so that perfect access and fully available for the cutting surface.It is easy for the woker to operate the machine .Just put the material onto the bed .Then the operator places the cutting die tool on the material, push the buttong,the head travels forward, down, and retracts to reveal the cut components.
Also the cutting die can die cut downwards, or upwards, and can also be clamped to the recend head if production needs, so that the operator donot need place the cutting die by hand.

This Gerson hydraulic receding head press uses a four column strong construction which utilizes an internal mechanical levelling system to insure a parallel cutting stroke.Some time the operator donot put the cutting die at the center of the cutting area , a completely uniform pressure can be achieved throughout the cutting bed.

This Gerson die cutting machine can be for a wide range of materials: foam, textiles, plastic, EVA,EPE,PVC,rubber, packings, vinyl, leather, composites, fiberglass, vinyl, and carpet floor tiles, cork, wood, gasket, filter materials, etc.,

The following is for reference.Gerson accept any custom build Receding beam press.

Model Maximum Cutting power(ton) Area of work table(mm) Press Board Stroke      range Distance between upper pressing board and worktable Motor power Machine dimensions(mm) Net weight
GRH-35 350KN(35T) 1600*610mm 1600*600mm 0-110mm 60-160mm 3KW 2320*1400*1520mm 2400kg
GRH-500 500KN(50T) 1600*610mm 1600*600mm 0-110mm 60-160mm 4KW 2320*1600*1720mm 4000kg
GRH-80 800KN(80T) 1600*820mm 1600*800mm 0-120mm 60-180mm 4KW 2320*1600*1720mm 5500kg
GRH-120 1200KN(120T) 1600*820mm 1600*800mm 0-120mm 60-180mm 5.5KW 2320*1600*1720mm 6500kg


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