Die-cutting machine,hydraulic press machine factory sale

roll feed hydraulic punching press in Hongkong

roll feed hydraulic punching press in Hongkong is manufactured and designed by our rich experience workers team and can be for many inustry and material incluidng soft ,semi-harden ,even harden material .

roll feed hydraulic punching press in Hongkong

Precise machinery structure. It’s hard to be out of shape and hard to rust.

The pressing board of cutting carries out slow cutting when it contacts the die tool cutter, which can use that there is no size error betweenthe uppermost many layers and lowermost single or several layers of cut raw materials

This machine suits for mini lots mould diecut,which have features of ideal-precision,stable,it can cut PET material with hydraulic. 1 PLC system,it can reduces problem of machine life…

The largegest diameter of the material and 800 mm weighs about 200 kg

The to manipulatewith both manuals provided with working pull board can make sure convenience and safety for workers.

The swing arm punching press��s column is equipped with a self-lubricating system that eliminates the need for hand oiling and increases the life of the equipment.

If you are intersted in our machinery ,please send us emial or contact us online ,we will reply you immediately.

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