Die-cutting machine,hydraulic press machine factory sale

sae industrial felt 70 ton hydraulic press

sae industrial felt 70 ton hydraulic press is manufactured and designed by our rich experience workers team and can be for many inustry and material incluidng soft ,semi-harden ,even harden material .

sae industrial felt 70 ton hydraulic press

single or multicolour with good speed high class with CE very easy to operateand security competitive price with high service

This machine is applicable to die knife mold die-cutting operationof various nonhydraulic slices raw materials by die mould knife cutter. For example: such industries as plastics packing, pearl cotton packaging, rubber, etc.

Basic concepts and requirements for the structural craftability ofdiecut equipmentcomponents

The precise lead screw driving unit is adopted for accurate movement and positioning and stable to handle.

Footwear components �C shoes, insoles, insole socks, uppers, straps

We have many machinery for your choice if you do not know which machinery is good for you.Contact us immediately.we will recommend the right model to you.

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