Die-cutting machine,hydraulic press machine factory sale

semi-autoamtic die mould press machine for Light blocking

semi-autoamtic die mould press machine for Light blocking is the die cutting equipment made by Gerson and used in most material :leather,fabric,rubber,cork,EPE,EVA,PS,plastic,foam,wood ,alu film,composite etc.

semi-autoamtic die mould press machine for Light blocking

The die knife mold punching machinery utilized for Woven/non-woven fabric: textile, non-woven fabric, camera cotton, filter cotton,Footwear: upper, insole, mid-outer.

Automatic abrasive sandpaper disc cutting-out machine

The lifting position of pressing board could be freely set to reduce idle travel and enhance work efficiency.

It is the high punching machine for such industries as shoemaking, luggage, garment, automobile, art ware, packaging and electronic most industry etc.

Operation with both operators hands, safe and reliable.

The central semi and full autoamtic lubrication system could ensure the equipment precision and enhance machine durability

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