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sponge foam sheet die cutting machine punch press manufacturer

sponge foam sheet die cutting machine punch press manufacturer is the machinery for making the material such as leather,fabric,rubber,plastic,foam,composite etc.,

songe foam sheet die cutting machine punch press manufacturer

This machine is equipped with a moving micro-motion mechanism, which makes the punching of the die tool knife cutter in different positions each time, and more fully applyd die-cutting plate, which reduces the use of consumables.

Single-side feeding material metal press plane die knife mold diecut machine

First, the shape of the tool wear and its caapplys

This program is suitable for semi-auto and fully auto stamping, cutting and thermal forming of jumbosemi-finished materials. This production line could cut, punch and thermal form semi-automatic and fully automatically and continuously on the non-steellic raw materials including the series of automobile sound insulation cotton.

Note When Using The Die Of The Rocker Cutting M…

Single side or two-side automatic feeding device system can be allocated to enhance the cutting production efficiency of machine twice or thrice

We can custom build to suit your production requirements.Gerson welcome your request for a machine specific to your production.Please cotact us immediately.

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