Die-cutting machine,hydraulic press machine factory sale

sponge rubber punch press machine

sponge rubber  punch press machine is the great machinery and have manfuactured lots for our customers.It is good for cutting sponge rubber ,foam sheet ,rubber sheet or other similar products and material.

sponge rubber swing arm punch press machine

Fix the machine level on the flat concrete floor, check whether the parts of the equipment are in ideal condition and the line is smooth and effective.

Automatic Hydraulic Cutting Machine,High Quality,steel stamping equipment,100T of his machinery is suitable for the whole clamshell sheet flat mateial cutting-out, high efficiency, low cost, the cutting tool consumption

Reasons For Safety Problems Of Cutting Machine

Use conveying belt as semi and full autoamtic feeding material method, save workers’ labor.

Die cutting unit:die diecut jumboer adopts metal system ,using control its axial movement ; with a speed diffierence compensation

The four columns mechanical type oil feeding which can be realized just through pressing the button.

Any question ,please contact us .we will reply immediately for any question no matter what you have.

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