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Theatrical Scenery die-cut machine in Hungary

Theatrical Scenery die-cut machine in Hungary is the machinery made by Gerson ,we could design and manufacture any machinery to meet your requirement.

Theatrical Scenery die-cut machine in Hungary

100ton automatic feeding material car leather jumbostamping machinery is a equitment die cut roller materials with superior productivity and labor saving. It is converted from usual cutting equipment by applicable for the rotary or rollinger which enhance the auto feeding system and stamping speed. In…

Thanco-510 Max. cutting power: 300KN Cutting speed: 100 mm/sec Adjustable Stroke: 0-120mm Travelling Head Size: 500*500mm Work from small press table size to big press table for your choice same as the upper head size: 1600*500mm Distance between traveling head and work table: 30-150mm Motor pressure: 2kw Outside size: 2200*700*2050mm Machine weight:…

rewinding 3 inches, the biggest 400 mm in diameter

Precision Four-column Auto-translationalPlane FoamCutting Machine

It is widly used in sheet board manufacturing industry supplies, automotive interior floor mats, seat, packaging material plate leather, carpet, abrasives abrasive paper, football, volleyball, shoemaking quality cutting-out equipment of insole, sole, etc.

Hydraulic Sandpaper Abrasive Disc Cutting Press Machine

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