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traveling head Punching press equipment for PS foam sheet

traveling head Punching press equipment for PS foam sheet is the great useful die cutter for stamping the mateial to form or cut out shapes up on request.

traveling head Punching press equipment for PS foam sheet

The machine is many typesly adaptd for cutting-out various nonmetal materials in such industries as leather, plastic, plastic packing, cloth, foam sheet boards, carpets, floors and etc. by forming cutter.

The stamping depth of cutter is simple to set and the die-cutting is accurate.

This machine is suitable for the whole clamshell sheet flat mateial stamping, good efficiency, low cost, the diecut tool consumption 1PLC control system, reduce the relay aging a failure2 The latest digital travel control principle, reduce damage becautilize of excessive force switch…

Product Description: The working principle of this machine: Hydraulic cutting equipment is down press to the mould. And it cut raw material by diecut moulds or cutting die mould knifes. The equipment could be maked for die knife die-cutting foam sponge foam sheet/PS foam sheet/shoes upper / suitcases / seat covers / facial mask /…

High standard and imported oil pump and other part are available on request.

Please contact Gerson at any time ,we will response very quickly.Any question ,welcome to ask us .

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