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wool buffing pad die-cutting press machine manufacturer price

wool buffing pad die-cutting press machine manufacturer price is the machienry for punching our soft and semi-igid material including leather ,fabric,rubber,plastc,cork,alu film ,pvc ,abs sheet ,etc.,

wool buffing pad die-cutting press machine manufacturer price

Multi-function Machining Mechanism��The feeding material can be executed by working with the full-cut and semi-cut machining mechanism to achieve toper productivity.

including the the color, the motor ,the size of working table

The equipment is many typesly maked for cutting various soft and semi-hard materil in such industries as leather, plastic, plastic packing, cloth, foam sheet materials, carpets, floors and etc. by forming cutter.

There is no lubricating beadiamond at the main shaft and other joints and its equipped with the auto-lubricating system. As a result, with two assurance lubricating, its hardly to let machine broken because of the careless from humans lubrication work.

The height of die knife mold cutter have no influence on the cutting and best cutting-out effect can be obtained from each diecut point.

It is using scissor up leather, rubber, plastic, cloth, sponge, nylon, imitation leather, PVC board etc in manufacturing industry.

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