Die-cutting machine,hydraulic press machine factory sale

Carpet flooring autoamtic feed cutting press machine

Carpet flooring autoamtic feed cutting press machine is the best seller machinery that usded in high tech to meet your prodcution requirement.

Carpet flooring autoamtic feed cutting press machine
The working principle of the semi-automatic and fully automatic 4 column diecut machine is down press to the mould, and it to cut material by die mould knifes / molds.

Special Note: Each time the die tool knife, workpiece or pad is replaced, the stroke must be set again. Otherwise, the die tool and pad will be damaged.

When diecut, after feeding material material and arranging knife mold cutter, the upper pressing board will move forward, descend, punch, ascend and semi and full autoamtically move backward. All the performances are completed without a letup, which produce greatly increased work efficiency.

The machine is provided with best-precision safeguard screen on its to handlesurface, which can make certain personal safety of yous and realize semi-automatic and fully automatic operatingof the machinery.

With special setting mechanism,and in conjunction with die mould knife cutter and stamping depth setting,the travel adjustment is simple and accurate.

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